613 Conover Boulevard West
(Hwy 70, east of 321 N business)
Conover, NC 28613

Open 10 am - 8 pm every day

Donna Nguyen moved to the US from Saigon (now Ho Chi Mihn City) in 1992. She found work as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant in Conover that also served some Vietnamese dishes. Within three months, she had taken over the location and renamed it Saigon Garden, serving a menu of traditional pho (soup), com (rice) and noodle (bun) dishes. Saigon Garden soon became a popular place.

Vietnamese cooking has Chinese and Thai influences, but also offers unique flavors and spices not found anywhere else. The pho is especially unique - first-timers quickly learn that the plate of sprouts, basil, lettuce and a squeeze of lime in the soup make for a delicious and different lunch or dinner.

The restaurant outgrew the old location and opened in its present location in 2007. Donna (with the scissors in the picture) and the staff work hard to make Saigon Garden a great place for great food served in a relaxed but friendly atmosphere.